February 26, 2015

This is a delicious stew that I adapted from a recipe by Diane Rossen Worthington in her "Seriously Simple" cookbook. The recipe yields about six servings. All of the produce used are organically grown. Serve the soup with a hearty French or Italian bread.


2 tablespoon...

February 24, 2015

 Although I've done a lot of the annual winter pruning of shrubs, there still is more to do in the garden before spring arrives. Yes, I know the photos here don't look wintery to those of you who live in areas with snow and ice at this time of year. But for us in North...

February 23, 2015


Another warm-ish February weekend and we had a lot of bird activity in the garden, as well as bees in the rosemary hedges, lemon tree and lavatera shrub.


In the late afternoon, before sunset, I observed this Anna's hummingbird hanging out at our nectar hummzinger. It...

February 17, 2015

Yesterday, while I was taking photos of the blossoming rosemary hedges, yes they are huge hedges (!), suddenly this beautiful butterfly flitted along and landed in front of me to feast on the blossoms.


It is a Gulf fritillary and takes its name from migration north ove...

February 17, 2015


 This weekend I participated for the first time ever in the annual Audubon Backyard Bird Count. It is easy enough to participate. You just register on their website and download the free app to help you identify birds that visit your yard or neighborhood where you liv...

February 12, 2015




Flowers look especially lovely with some beads of rain on them, don't you think? In the photo above, an abutilon bud with a large raindrop.

Below, abutilon blossoms, a hummingbird favorite, on the same shrub.




And a lavatera flower, below. Here, after the rain. As s...

February 9, 2015

 It was very fascinating to observe the birds during the rainy weather this weekend. They still were chirping and singing in the rain except when we experienced the monsoon-like showers. Then they would take cover in the trees and bushes.


During a pause between the sho...

February 9, 2015


Valencia orange after the rain.


After a month without any rain, this weekend's series of showers and monsoon downpours are very welcome. And maybe, just maybe, our dwarf valencia orange tree will produce fruit that won't be dried up this year. Doesn't that orange look...

February 5, 2015


I posted a photo of our Sunshine blueberry plant buds last month. They were still a darkish red color. And here is a photo of the same plant now. All those dark buds are now pretty pink blossoms. You see them all in the background too.


This plant is in a large plastic...

February 3, 2015


Although I'm really missing the rain that we all so badly need here, it really is a joy to observe the bees out and about when the sun is shining. I haven't seen many bees recently since they are mostly hibernating, but this past weekend I saw some in our garden.



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bees in the bay breeze

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